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andy yzf

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PostSubject: R.I.P Potisek   R.I.P Potisek Icon_minitimeWed Nov 11, 2009 12:16 am

He died today at 4 pm French time after his crash
horrible to hear R.I.P Sad a definate loss to the sport

for those who dont know what happend a translation from motoverte

While it s'entrainait himself yesterday in the field of Loon Beach, Tim Potisek seriously injured itself in afternoon end. His physical state is preoccupying, the new pilot Yamaha suffers from breaks to the cervical ones C1 and C2. Tim was operated in the night and it is maintained in the coma to stabilize his state... The Newspaper The voice of the North transmitted information last night according to which Timoteï Potisek, the double conqueror of the Touquet, had done a very heavy fall by the before to training in the field of Loon Beach. Contacted by telephones, José Leloir of Yamaha Motor France confirmed this first medical report, to know multiples break to the cervical vertèbres C1 and C2. Tim was operated in the night to the CHR of Lille and the medical team placed it next in the coma in order to stabilize his state. Position that - still according to José Leloir - should not evolve before 48 hours. According to the first testimonies of the persons present at the accident, Tïmoteï did a violent fall towards the before on a circuit jump. His bike was raised with the rear burst tire. This is for the moment the only explanatory element of this very heavy fall of consequences.
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R.I.P Potisek
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